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«How to be a Real Estate Agent Experienced».

Posted by juan on July 15, 2020

«How to be a Real Estate Agent Experienced».

The Real Estate Agent: Experience is a Degree.

The fact of having worked in this sector for several years, does not necessarily make you an expert in anything. Experience is a grade and we must value it; more, however, with that experience it must be transmitted to others who master your profession.

An expert is an expert because he or she masters a certain field or activity better than others. One can be an expert depending on the situation and one is never fully expert. If there is one thing that defines the expert real estate agent well, it is that he is aware that he still has things to learn and will never finish learning. Becoming an expert in a specific area is not really as difficult as we are sometimes shown; Staying an expert in an area of the real estate sector is difficult.

The real estate agent is expert because he has invested time in training and education. This is the first and best recommendation you can receive. Having worked for years in the sector does not give you the right to call yourself an expert or a professional. Well, maybe you can call yourself «the King of the Real Estate Mambo», if you wish; Another thing is that they see you as such.

You are not an expert because you say so; You are because your old or new clients, so they see or perceive you. That your colleagues say it makes you feel good; But the litmus test is that it is your clients who say it.

That said, it must be recognized that your colleagues by profession are your competition, who are better able to say whether you are an expert or not; although it is the clients that make it profitable for you to be an expert. Being popular is fine; but making money is much better.

How many real estate agents are there in the area that have not been recycled, have not evolved, and are still using outdated trading and recruitment techniques? How many of these call themselves experts? Unfortunately too many. They continue to sell property as self-proclaimed expert real estate agents, but each time they do so with more effort. Those real estate agents who confuse years with wisdom are the ones who usually pass on to new agents who come into the group of bad habits, personal frustrations and a concept of the real estate sector that does not fit reality.

The Expert Real Estate Agent Learns from A to Z.

To become an experienced real estate agent it is best to spend a few years selling all kinds of real estate and then focus on a certain area:

  • Sale of land.
  • Sale of commercial real estate.
  • Sale of industrial properties.
  • Sale of luxury residential properties.
  • Sale of a certain type of property in your area.
  • Attracting a certain type of customer, etc.

Specialization is what makes you an expert if you accompany it with specific training for that area. You can even be the one who is the reference in that area.

Knowing a certain area of ​​the real estate sector well begins with choosing the right training and setting priorities; that is, to learn and master first, than to learn and master later. Learning from A to Z means knowing «why» strategies, techniques, protocols and procedures work; under what conditions they work and how to use the means to make them work.

Many real estate agents attend training courses and conferences where you learn P first, then B, then M … and so on; which often leads to confusion and not putting into practice what has been learned. Learning must follow a process, an order and not teach the tricks of the business; but the business itself. Good learning that is fast, easy and highly profitable first explains why and then how.

The skilled real estate agent always wants to know why. This may seem obvious, but it is not so obvious. The clear example is in the use that many real estate agents give to Facebook. They advertise on Facebook, without first knowing how to correctly post articles on Facebook. Then they complain that they don’t get the return they want or expect.

Learning from A to Z also means starting by taking into account the type of product being sold, the conditions under which this “special” product is purchased, and how to follow a recruitment and sale protocol. Knowing doesn’t take place, but you need to learn first what will make you money tomorrow. You will have time to study philosophy when you have a solid business.

To be an expert real estate agent, I must repeat that it is not enough to know tricks of the real estate business, (know the best means of online promotion, know some advertising and email marketing tricks …); you have to know the business: know how to obtain and read statistics, know how to show a property, know what means to use and why to capture properties and clients, how to keep a client interested, …


Today many new real estate agents in this sector, (with less than 1 year of experience), believe that mastering social media, having extensive knowledge of the internet or being a good «Community Manager» positions them to sell real estate and earn good fees. . Until they discover the harsh reality and blame the crisis in the sector for its failure or the fact that competition is unfair.

Being familiar with the internet and mastering these tools helps a lot, yes; more, however, if the necessary real estate training in marketing and real estate sales is lacking, (why do people buy; how do people buy… and the particularity that a real estate product has), it will not be successful in this sector . Sales will be achieved, but the high commissions earned by the skilled real estate agent will never be achieved.

To be an expert and stay an expert, you have to constantly learn. Quiet, unhurried, but non-stop learning is always one of the goals of the professional real estate agent. Opening your mind to new techniques for real estate acquisition, negotiation and marketing, recycling and taking calculated risks is part of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Becoming an expert real estate agent is easier than you think when you access quality training and focus on specialization. You do not need years to become an expert, what you need is training and that you like this profession.

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