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Why do you fall in love with the Nordic house style?

Posted by juan on July 20, 2020

Why do you fall in love with the Nordic?

In the last two decades we have seen how the large surfaces and Nordic decoration brands have settled among us. Furniture at low cost and easy (relatively) to assemble resulting in comfortable and aesthetically pleasing homes.

Traditionally, in Mediterranean or warm countries, the decoration or comfort of houses has not been given as much importance. Why? You ask. The answer is simple: the climate allows us to spend more time on the street, socialize more. A terrace, a walk. Sunlight influences all of this. We must bear in mind that in the Nordic countries the sunlight, especially in winter, is practically nil.

This causes them to be forced to stay at home the time they are not working or studying. And since they have to “live” in their homes, they try to make them as peaceful and pleasant as possible. Family life is important in these societies and that is why decoration is a priority for them.

The light.

Due to the scarcity of natural light, they are forced to supply their lack with artificial light; the points where it is most needed, its quality, intensity … It is even common for them to use special lamps that simulate sunlight in order to counteract vitamin D deficiency and avoid depression.

Integration of nature.

Another important element is the integration of natural elements. Wood and plants that give a warm and elegant touch to the rooms, as well as the combination of modern furniture with others perhaps more classic, even recycled, become almost indispensable in these homes. The latter also give it a very homey touch of warmth.


A primary point in Nordic houses is the children’s room. Something closely related to its already mentioned weather limitations. In countries where temperatures can exceed twenty degrees below zero, it is impossible for children to play on the street and the only space they have left is their room. These are usually equipped with practical items to store toys, rugs and, above all, bright colors, according to the age of their inhabitants.

4 # Practicality.

The fact that the whole family stays at home for so long forces them to maintain an order to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Its storage systems, shelves, hidden drawers, use of space and corners have elevated them to leadership in terms of practicality. And that is something that helps us all when it comes to enjoying our homes.

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