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What is a real estate agent ?.

Posted by juan on July 24, 2020

What is a real estate agent ?, everything you need to know.

What is a real estate agent ?.

A real estate agent is defined as a person who offers management, advisory and mediation services in real estate operations related to the sale and rental of real estate.

This profession has three main fronts: the “commercial” area, that of real estate management and that of negotiation. The problem is that we must be good in all three, because if we lower the level in any of them, we will never become a successful real estate agent.

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What are the functions of a real estate agent?.

Commercial tasks.

The commercial tasks of an agent cover many issues, from dealing with clients when managing the price of the property, to the marketing part, that is, showing the apartment in person, or putting it up for sale on platforms and bases of data.

In addition to all of the above, they have to be vigilant and look for new clients with whom to get new contracts. This, perhaps, is the heaviest function in terms of time and effort, but it is certainly worth spending time on this part to always have a portfolio of clients.

Administrative functions.

A real estate agent has more paperwork to cover than an agent of the authority, it is And, although it seems unbelievable, many times he has to deal with tasks such as writing purchase and sale contracts, dealing with the notary and legal representatives, knowing the rights and obligations of the owners, and a long etc.

As if that were not enough, you should know the rules of the market game and know what are the laws that affect each municipality, the leasing regulations. In short, knowing what things are allowed and legal and what is not.

Having knowledge of all these issues is not only necessary, but must be reflected on paper when drafting contracts with clients, or when making an offer, requesting a quote and so on. And it is that, although it may not seem like it, the bureaucracy and the paperwork are enough to have an agent sitting working all his working day.

Negotiation tasks.

The most decisive part and where an agent plays all his cards is in the negotiation process, that is, the time to sign the sale. But to get here it takes a previous job, sometimes, of many hours, calls and visits, that is, tact and negotiation to get the final result, a sale.

Negotiating a home is possibly the one with the fewest hours an agent spends directly, possibly around 20 or 30%. However, all the responsibilities and tasks of an agent lead directly or indirectly to the crucial point, the sale.

Precisely for this reason, the negotiation functions are the most specific and where an agent must stand out. In short, the best agents are those who excel at negotiating.

For this they must be good connoisseurs of people, know how to define and qualify a client in the real estate sector, and of course know how to use all the weapons in their favor to promote a home such as real estate telemarketing or through real estate leads.

Finally, to add that to negotiate it is necessary to know the needs of potential clients and to stand out in the art of empathizing with the client. Knowing people and knowing how to put yourself in their shoes is essential in negotiation work.

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