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Ways to decorate narrow terraces and balconies

Posted by juan on July 20, 2020

Ways to decorate narrow terraces and balconies.

Do you have a narrow and forgotten balcony or terrace? You are abandoning a gem. Because a piece of open air in the city is an extremely valuable rough diamond. Seize it! How? Here we tell you.

Yes, a narrow terrace or balcony can become your favorite corner. How? So.


A terrace demands color. It has to give you life, joy … without going over, of course.

You can put several color ranges or play with a single range. And if you do not like the floor of your balcony or terrace, then put an outdoor carpet on it and thus you will achieve two things at once: color and a good floor.


A terrace is the exit to the field from your apartment. It has to be green. And if you can’t keep your plants, buy some artificial ones as a last resort.

If you have your terrace or balcony naked, try adding small plants. It changes everything, doesn’t it?


Furniture on a narrow terrace or balcony is essential. It must go according to its dimensions. And now there are many options. There are folding or removable tables, tall and narrow stools, fruit boxes that become comfortable sofas, cushions that polish the floor, tables that also serve to hang clothes …


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