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Security at home, what you must do to avoid theft

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Having a new generation security door is not as safe as it sounds. Here I show you some tips that will help you avoid those annoying thefts of today.

These days security is one of the most basic requirements to be able to have a peaceful life, especially if you plan to own a house, understood not only as a building and a set of material goods, but also for those who live there, who people dearest hand.

Are there systems capable of ensuring maximum security and intended to scare off thieves and malicious people? Armored doors are not only a key element to protect against theft, there are other useful measures to ensure security and protection within these spaces. So, let’s see which would be the most valid allies against robbery attempts by thieves.

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Identifying yourself as a thief: what are the weakest points in your home?

You cannot live in a climate of permanent fear, it is true, but it is also important to emphasize that the need to protect yourself and feel safe comes before everything else. Some of these tips may seem a bit far-fetched, but it’s always better to be safe than to go home and find an open window and the closet upside down.

So, here are some precautions that, although trivial, someone ignores:

1: Always remember to close the door when you leave, even if you only go a few blocks away.

2: when they knock on your door before opening, check who knocked.

3: If you go on vacation, leave a notice to your neighbors and ask them to empty your mailbox, they can also give you a notice in case they notice any movement or suspicious presence.

4: Avoid hiding the keys under the door mat, in the umbrella stand, in the diver or anywhere in the entrance.

5: Always keep the garage door closed

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Considering the aforementioned, this may not always be enough to ward off thieves, since they face real security systems. Which one? Here are some.

1: handrails, mobile or fixed, to be placed on the outside of the doors and windows of the house

2: armored blinds, equipped with studs both in the lower part and in the reel where the blind is rolled.

3: Internal anti-theft system that signals the inside access of the house of bad thieves.

Armored blinds, equipped with a railing placed between the glass of the house window.

4: Perimeter alarms, now the most used, perfect especially for villas and houses. They provide the installation of sensors capable of detecting the approach of unwanted personnel within a certain pre-established radius when active

5: Armored windows with glass and anti-theft hardware.

Surveillance cameras, as long as they respect when they establish privacy laws if they frame common areas or public lands or public lands with glass

Now that you know better means of protection for a home, with which would you protect yourself? remember that you can use more than one to increase security to 200%

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