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Real estate consultant, everything you need to know.

Posted by juan on September 17, 2020
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A real estate consultant is a professional expert in the sector, who uses his knowledge to advise others. He is in charge of advising both buyers and sellers. he knows the market in depth and that is why he knows that they offer what they are dedicated to selling and that those who want to buy a home are looking for.

Real estate consultants not only focus on putting people who want to acquire a property in contact with those who sell it, but they also serve as a guide for both of them and thus carry out the best possible operation. Real estate consultants have the ability to listen to clients to discern what they are looking for. but they also manage to put themselves in the shoes of the seller to know what they need.

In addition, this professional knows perfectly that in the real estate world operations cannot be signed without first doing a good negotiation. It is true that the sector is going through a good time and many operations are closed, but not everything goes. Customers want to get the best prices and therefore it will be necessary for them to have negotiating skills.

Of course, a real estate consultant in addition to what we have discussed performs many functions that are common to real estate agents, such as these:

  • Create contacts.
  • Get homes.
  • Set the price of the properties.
  • Proportion of the properties they have.
  • Manage calls and visits.
  • Contract drafting.
  • Closing sales.
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A good real estate consultant will not only help you find a good property suitable for the buyer’s needs, he also knows how to avoid, avoid and solve these barriers and challenges that are common in the real estate market. At the same time, finding a true professional is not an easy task, so I will give you a few qualities that a good real estate consultant should have.

1: Great knowledge of the market.

The professional real estate consultant takes into account different factors to calculate the value of a property. Among them, the national market trends and the preferences of the buyers at that time. Each building and project is unique, so the expert knows how to use all his experience and information available to obtain the best possible price.

2: Integrated marketing plan.

According to the RE / Max expert, selling a house, land or business is not just about placing a for sale on a sign in front of the property or uploading it to an online platform. Experts in the real estate market must also have the necessary tools to promote these projects. For this, they must be able to perfectly master multiple platforms, both in the offline environment and the online environment.

3: Real estate monitoring.

According to RE / Max’s chief marketing officer, all real estate professionals should have a perfectly structured customer service system. This is crucial so that the client is constantly informed of the progress of the transaction, what offers have been made and what has been the performance of an advertising effort.

4: impeccable presence.

The first impressions that you have not forgotten. This principle is not only one of the most crucial when buying or selling a property. It is also closely related to the image of a good real estate consultant. The person must inspire confidence and security from the first contact. otherwise, it is better to find another expert who can be of help.

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When you make the decision to trust a real estate company you will realize how it will be a significant support in the other tasks, so you will not have to worry if you are busy with other activities of your daily life.

Some functions that a consultant will be willing to do for you are:

  • Capturing different business contacts of interests
  • It will constantly generate commercial contacts of interest
  • It will make a price setting according to the appraisal of your property or that of your interest
  • He will prepare the contacts, documents and will be in charge of the negotiation with all the parties involved.
  • You will visit the properties or attend to those who want to know your property for sale
  • Close the sale and verify the signing of both contracts
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If you have ever bought a house you have worked with a real estate agent or even if you have not, you should have a fairly solid idea of what a real estate agent does, it represents you during the process of buying or selling a property, from the beginning to the end

A real estate consultant cannot replace a real estate agent in the buying or selling process, but they can be an important and valuable asset to you during the buying process. They can provide you with market research, portfolio valuations, investment analysis, and more.

A real estate consultant differs in:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your situation.

A real estate agent has one goal: to help her client buy or sell, but the goals of a real estate consultant can vary greatly depending on her situation.

For example, you can hire a real estate consultant to get an unbiased expert opinion on whether or not a real estate investment is a good financial decision.

  • Impartial approach.

Real estate consultants work by the hour or flat rate, allowing them to make honest and non-judgmental recommendations. Because time is money for both the client and the consultant.

The last thing the consultant wants to do is waste time on an unpromising prospect, saving them money in the long run.

  • Clear determination of objectives.

Your real estate advisor, with their input, should be able to help you determine your primary and secondary goals to achieve. Unlike buying or selling, which only has one result, consulting is based on the assumption that each consumer has their unique goals. The consultant’s job is to determine the best approach to achieve your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.

For example, if your goal is to retire in ten years, your advisor will advise you differently than if you were 30 years old to reach your retirement goals. A real estate agent will sell you a house because you want to buy it. A consultant will ask you, why do you want to buy the house? and it will help you evaluate if it is a wise decision based on your level of financial stability and risk aversion


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