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Real estate agent, everything you need to know.

Posted by juan on August 11, 2020
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In this post I will summarize everything you need to know about a real estate agent, from what their functions are to what is the perfect profile that a real estate agent should have.

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What is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is defined as a natural person dedicated to providing mediation, advisory and management services in real estate transactions related to the sale, rental, exchange or section of real estate and their corresponding rights, including the constitution of such rights.

Each country is governed by a particular law, so far there is no law that regulates real estate issues worldwide, this despite the fact that many real estate agents carry out transactions in countries other than the one where their headquarters are located.


What functions do real estate agents have?

The work that real estate agents have goes beyond just selling real estate. See properties, make agreements on sales conditions, draft contracts, study the state and market situation, etc …

These are some of the main functions of real estate agents:

  • Negotiation:

Having a gift for negotiation is one of the most remarkable characteristics of a real estate agent. Knowing how to treat both parties and being able to get them to reach agreements requires knowledge, tactics, empathy and temperance.

  • Advice:

To offer a good service to clients, the real estate agent must know the marking perfectly. This requires a certain amount of control and analysis work in order to find what buyers and sellers are looking for.

  • Commercialization:

Do not forget that the main function of a real estate agent is to sell. So you must have a good knowledge of real estate marketing area. On the internet we can find courses and seminars on sales training that provide that extra knowledge that differentiates a good salesperson from others.

  • After-sales service:

Contrary to popular belief, the job of a real estate agent does not end with the sales agreement. Prepare documentation, process permits, answer calls and emails, etc … These are some of the after-sales functions to perform.

  • Personalized attention:

In the real estate sector, trust is a fundamental part of being a good professional. For this, every real estate agent must be close, attentive and safe. Do not forget that customers are going to deposit their goods and very important financial amounts with you. For this reason they need to feel that the person who is representing them is an easy person to trust.

What is the perfect profile for a real estate agent:

To be a perfect real estate agent you need to cover several characteristics, here I will show you several of these characteristics.

  • Empathy:

An agent must know what it is to listen and put herself in the shoes of her clients, whether they are buyers or sellers. Having an affinity with them is a fundamental part of establishing a long and lasting relationship.

  • Negotiating skills:

Negotiating skills are essential in a real estate agent. Since every day you will have to mediate between buyers and sellers to reach agreements that are convenient for both sides.

  • Social values:

In the real estate sector you work with people, for this reason an agent must show himself with a sociable, empathetic and accessible attitude, among other things, when an agent shows himself with these characteristics, he usually gains a good reputation and reliability among his clients, whether they are buyers. or sellers.

  • Specialization:

The real estate industry is complicated and complex, so it is advisable to focus on a specific area. Luxury properties, vacation homes, rental apartments … it does not matter, the important thing is to specialize in an area in question.

  • Build trust:

Trust is basic in this business, if an agent does not know how to transmit trust to her clients, she can be considered lost. For this, there is nothing better than being sincere and honest with them.

  • Professionalism:

The real estate agent who has a job with a lot of responsibility because he handles large amounts of money and high cost properties. So it can be especially appreciated that transmits professionalism and experience

Tips for entering the real estate market:

  • 1: Investigate the area
  • 2: build a budget
  • 3: find a good property broker
  • 4: compare options

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