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Nice and cheap main ideas to customize your headboard

Posted by juan on July 20, 2020

Nice and cheap main ideas to customize your headboard.

Do you suddenly feel like mounting an original headboard that says a lot about you? Well here you have some nice and cheap ideas. Go ahead!

Do you feel that something is missing in your bedroom? Maybe she needs a touch of yours. What if you put it on the headboard? You can do it with wood, with lights, with washi tape, with raffia …

  • With wood.

If you want a cozy simple bedroom and you like wood, yours is very easy. Go to a carpentry and choose several planks to your liking, then you just have to mount them together and stick them to the wall. Just like in the photos below.

  • With sticks

And if you still like wood, but don’t want to use planks, you can use the sticks. Of course, they are more difficult to get. You will have to go to a nursery to help you find them.

Do not forget to treat them well and with care. You must sand them well so there are no splinters because imagine how painful a splinter on the skin can be. You should also apply a product to eliminate fungi and bacteria.

Apply a primer that covers pores. Although if you want them with their natural color you just have to varnish them. When they dry, sand again, but this time with very fine sandpaper so that the primer or varnish layer is very fine. So they are ready to look like a headboard.

  • With shelves

A quick, easy and fairly cheap solution is to use a bookshelf and hook a few lights so you can read a good book at night. On the shelf you can put your books, your favorite paintings, photos, etc …

  • With lights

You can also put lights on your headboard. Make a drawing with washi tape and put lights to cheer it up. Or put the lights in pictures.

  • With washi tape

Washi tape is the easy and effective resource for a removable headboard. I say remove and put because you can make a new one every week, if you have time and imagination.

But what is washi tape? They are Japanese adhesive tapes. They are made with natural ingredients: rice, bamboo or hemp. Its name is the sum of Wa (paper) and Shi (peace or harmony).

The washi tape is recyclable. It can be removed and put many times. In addition, when it is removed it does not damage the wall, the furniture or the floor. You can even write about it

  • With old pieces

If you like to stroll through street markets, you may also like to go hunting and catching old pieces to set up a good headboard. You can do it with doors or windows … Of course, you must treat them before so they look good and healthy, just like the headboard made with sticks.

  • With pictures or photos

Photos and charts are a very personal resource. I say personal because you can assemble a headboard with photos that tell your story or make a composition with your favorite paintings. Says a lot about you. Beware discovering too much …


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