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Most common types of tenants in a rental process

Posted by juan on August 17, 2020
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Every owner, at the moment of renting his property, imagines which tenant he will come across, who will it be? What will it be like? These are questions we usually ask ourselves when we start in the real estate world

Renting a home is synonymous with thinking that a tenant will arrive, at the moment we put a property for rent we always want to find the perfect tenant, although that can be a difficult achievement to achieve.

Next, you are going to meet the types of tenants you will meet when renting your property, what type of tenant do you expect?

  • Families:

It is the tenant model with the most demand at the moment, young families, with at least one child, find for rent a perfect option that adapts to their needs. Thanks to the advantages that rent offers, they avoid parking and often wait to have their priorities well defined before buying a property.

  • The single:

Renting becomes the best option of access to housing for young people who become independent, but also for the recently divorced or golden singles. The single is a stereotype of a frequent tenant, they are usually hard-working, serious and responsible people, although this is not always the case.

  • Dinks:

This word means double income no kids, this term refers to couples with two salaries who still do not have children and in many cases without a steady job.

These types of tenants are looking for properties that are not very large, located in city centers and mostly tend to opt for modern decorations. The trend is that these young people, mostly between 25 and 40 years of age, live in the rent. Dinks are reliable and reliable tenants who do not want to enter into a mortgage due to the limits of having a stable home.

  • Families:

Students are another option to rent, although not all owners usually accept students in their home. Why? Because they tend to think the worst, it is difficult for them to trust students since they are young souls like bread fresh from the oven, normally when a student tenant touches it is normal for parents to commit to paying the rent, If you are an owner and you have a student as a tenant, do not reject it, give them the opportunity, talk to their parents and reach an agreement because a student can be a good tenant.

  • The perfect tenant:

It is well known by all that the best tenant you can have in your property is the perfect tenant, he is the one who never makes noise and always has the payment of the month ready on time.

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Renting a property is not an easy task to perform, in addition to the paperwork, the proposal to make them fall in love with the property and find a good tenant can be a long process, first of all it is important to know if a tenant is trustworthy, how do we do it ?

For that you must do this:

  • 1: check debts
  • 2: check your past
  • 3: find out where it comes from
  • 4: Create a written contract
  • 5: take your identification data

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