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Is the Dominican Republic a safe country to live in?

Posted by juan on July 27, 2020

Is the Dominican Republic a safe country to live in?


Many of my clients have often asked me this question since some television media have been in charge of making us see ourselves as a dangerous country, a moment ago I found a post that spoke about this topic and the truth was I felt a little angry because everything What he said were falsehoods about the Dominican Republic, many people tell you when you are about to visit the Dominican Republic that you should be careful with crime, robberies, etc. And it’s true you must be careful there are thieves yes, but where not? Which country does not have crime, in which country there are no robberies.

According to the crime rate of the countries, only in the middle of 2020 the 10 countries with the highest crime rate are:

Position CountryCrime rate Security rate 
1 Venezuela 84,36 15,64 
2 Papúa Nueva Guinea 80,04 19,96 
3 Sudáfrica 77,29 22,71 
4 Afganistán 76,97 23,03 
5 Honduras 76,65 23,35 
6 Trinidad y Tobago 72,43 27,57 
7 Brasil 68,31 31,69 
8 Guyana 68,15 31,85 
9 El Salvador 67,84 32,16 
10 Siria 67,42 32,58 

The Dominican Republic is in position 24 of this index, which means that we are not a highly dangerous country, nor do I mean that it is a country full of saints, if there is crime like any country.

How to take care of crime in the Dominican Republic.?

If you are a tourist who is coming to the Dominican Republic for the first time and you do not know how to take care of yourself, you should only avoid doing these things

1: avoid neighborhoods.

One of the main cases for which tourists have bad experiences is because without any prior knowledge they enter the neighborhoods of this country and it is something that should be avoided at all costs, especially in the neighborhoods if a new person arrives and more if you are a foreigner criminals see them as fresh meat, if you want to get to know this country well and go into areas such as neighborhoods you must do it with someone who is native to that area to guide you and tell you what the dangers are

2: Don’t trust everyone.

Mostly we Dominicans are known as super friendly people but, not all of us are like that, not everything that shines is gold, I have met foreign friends who go to bars and there they meet others, many times they become very friends with people and they give you more confidence than they should, you must take this into account, never take a person you just met in a bar to your place of residence and you have no idea who it is recommended is that before taking someone to your apartment is that you get to know him well until you are sure who he is

3: Avoid walking alone at dawn.

We all like to go to bars, clubs and restaurants, many times we lose track of time and the time is running out, most criminals take advantage of that and are hanging around at those hours, therefore, unless you have own vehicle or fences with a guide you must avoid walking at dawn alone, it is very dangerous and more if you have been taking alchool

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