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How to get leads, not curious

Posted by juan on July 14, 2020

How to get leads, not curious


We are currently in an age of do-it-yourself where information about anything is just a click away from us and the internet, we have thousands of tutorials to do almost everything. But in a real estate transaction, the negotiation between buyer and seller seems easy until doubts appear and problems arise.

Undoubtedly, you can find tutorials and countless tips on how to carry out the process of buying and selling a property, but what to do before:

  • discrepancies in price
  • property status
  • financial viability of the operation
  • confusing terms of the agreement
  • missing documentation,
  • added costs,

The thought that there is a possible saving for the fees of a professional, makes many people start the buying and selling process with their own means, relying on Internet information, valuation tools and real estate offer portals.

With the emergence of online agencies, the idea of ​​being able to autonomously manage the operation has been strengthened, with the help of a photographic and video report, multiple publication on portals and an agenda of visits.

Of these people, there are those who have time and even training (legal, financial) to advance with this process, but many end up encountering reality.

The reality is that sellers set an unrealistic sale price and their property spends months and even years on the market, only receiving a query to lower the price or gossip the home, with no real intention to buy.

Of all those who think that they can do without an expert to accompany them in their real estate buying and selling process, one part will need help, because they will realize that they cannot do it themselves, or at least they cannot achieve the desired objective. without the help of a specialist.

Those who did not know what the process was like, those who did not expect that it would be necessary to dedicate so much time, to whom fiscal, legal and financial issues elude them, can be educated. Time can be dedicated to them to recognize the situation, they can be evangelized to value the option of having a professional manage the operation.

They can be given information from the beginning of their process, so that they understand the need for a real estate agent.

To those who do not want to know anything about real estate, who speak only of commissions or have the genuine ability to carry out their procedures, it is not worth directing the sales and marketing efforts to make them change their minds. It will be a waste of time and energy.

Segmenting consumers, in order to focus on the audience that is capable of attending to messages and understanding them, is the appropriate marketing strategy; It is about delivering the message to whoever wants to hear it and to whoever needs that information, even if they don’t know it, at the right time and place.

There are those who prefer to pay to achieve their goal of buying or selling real estate, without worries, time wasted, confrontations with the other party, disappointments, missing documentation, unresolved paperwork, …

If you offer adequate information, you will find people interested in your services, to whom you can dedicate recruitment efforts, because they have shown that they want a professional and quality service.

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