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How to capture a property, real estate acquisition strategies.

Posted by juan on August 17, 2020
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How are you guys how are you, previously we were talking about how to start in the real estate market if we do not have enough knowledge or capital to start investing in properties, remember that the first step in my experience would be real estate brokerage. But, as we can reach those individuals, those homeowners to be able to manage them and collect that commission thanks to the management and intermediation of such properties, I often get questions from users about how to reach those owners.

The property acquisition process in the real estate sector is the most important for most real estate companies, and the one that usually represents the most difficulties. Searching for those interested in selling or renting their property when the real estate is not yet well known in the area becomes somewhat complicated.

Many real estate agents usually attach 70% of importance to achieve the goals and objectives of their real estate, it is true that many entrepreneurs often find it difficult to keep up with the technological advances that have emerged over time and find it difficult the adaptation. But, it is an obligation if we want to move forward and endure over time. If you sit idly by and just watch as time progresses and with it technology you will be stagnant and inevitably your real estate will fall into bankruptcy, that’s why you should get on the train of time and move forward while taking advantage of it.

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  • Office and customer recommendation:

It is the oldest and most efficient property acquisition technique, generally clients come to your office for a recommendation or for the years of antiquity and positioning of your business, difficult to implement and depend on this technique when you first start.

  • Telephone pickup:

It is another ancient technique that is less and less effective. Using it without sense is a bit invasive and has few arguments, the ideal thing to carry out a property acquisition strategy is to segment your audience.

One of the ways is to capture owners who are willing to sell or rent their property by viewing posters on the street of the owner who is selling or of another real estate company, noting the address of the property and trying to locate a phone using Google or a phone book, the key will be in creating a specialized value proposition in said property, approaching the owner with services that stand out from the rest, for example, virtual tours of their property and a digital marketing strategy to sell their property faster than the competition.

  • Online real estate marketing:

This is by far the most accessible and effective recruitment strategy of all, if you know how to manage it of course.

This consists of advertising your brand or real estate agency on the web, in order to attract the attention of potential clients. Next, I show you some methods and tools that you can use to carry out this strategy.

  • Real estate website:

It is the base, the pillar of any online marketing strategy. It is your online office.

For this, it must be exactly designed so that the user feels comfortable and has access to what they are looking for in a few clicks.

In addition, it is extremely important since you can measure which sections of your page are the most visited and attractive to users.

  • Facebook groups:

It is an interesting technique, although it can cause some annoyance if it is not managed correctly, always taking care not to be invasive and try not to fall into Spam.

  • Online chat:

A good opportunity is to include an online chat on your website, to interact with the customer directly when they are browsing your website and offer them an efficient and personalized service.

  • Google AdWords and seo:

Positioning yourself in the first places of the most used search engine in the world is an endless source of clients, for example:

A person who is searching in Google for “ properties in the Dominican Republic ” will be 100 $ willing to listen to heat proposals and analyze each real estate.

It is vitally important to be present in the top positions, otherwise this strategy would be of little use. Although it is one of the most difficult to implement, it is the one that can give the most results.

  • Social media:

Managing your social networks correctly is very important in your digital strategy. Creating a brand through social networks is key to becoming a reference in your sector in the area where you work.

In addition, having the possibility of carrying out perfectly segmented Facebook Ads ads, where you can reach the target audience you want.

  • WhatsApp:

Every day there are more companies that are inclined to use this real estate acquisition strategy to communicate with their clients, WhatsApp has approximately 700 million active users. Almost everyone has this means of mobile communication, why not use it to your advantage?

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  • Throw the bait online:

If you have ever ventured on the internet, sure and you will have known that it is a huge opportunity to make your real estate business profitable. The problem is that many will come to the showcase, enter your virtual store and talk to you … but only to gossip or to find out prices and offers.

On the internet it is important to know that you are addressing a very broad audience, which is in many phases of the buying process, there are those who just want to test the waters, who are thinking of selling or buying in the medium term, who want to buy, but can not and who needs urgently.

The public is extremely broad, so you need to have a solvent and constant presence to attract the maximum number of people possible and get the majority of us who are interested in contacting us.

Some good tips:

  • Let them sting in the form
  • Pick up the line with patience
  • Fish the reward with quality

If you have any opinion, something to add, I would appreciate your comment

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