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Form of Government

Posted by juan on July 3, 2018

The Dominican Republic has a very similar form of government as the USA, composed of two big parties. Elections take place every four years (the former president Balguer, had been elected 7 times) The new president is Dr. Leonel Fernandez (PLD). He took over 16th of August 2004 for four years. Specially the middle class hopes for a positive development in the Dominican Republic under his government.
Website of Dominican Republic Government

The country is under protection of the USA, who in the course of Dominican history intervened twice.


Monetary unit is the Dominican Peso (100 cents). Import and export of pesos is not allowed. Foreign currencies can be imported without limit. And credit card used are VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard and American Express.

Current exchange rate from Central Bank: USD to DOP (Dominican Pesos).

Traffic and private transportation

The traffic is right hand. The traffic network connects the main cities, supplemented by air traffic. Taxis are called publicos and you share with other travelers. In the cities you have buses, mostly crowded. Taxis can be flagged everywhere, the average fare is min. 30 US$ per day. Insurance included mileage unlimited.


Public means of transport as the guagua (mini bus) and carrito ( the ones you share with other travelers) charge 30-50 pesos. Range between 30 to 50 km. Same price goes for motoconcho (motorbikes) used preferably for one to three km. (At night or Holiday the double price applies)

Tip! – Never ask for the fare, have the exact amount ready. If you look a tourist unaware of local prices you might be charged with several times the more.

Caribe Tours goes several times a day with luxury buses) TV, Toilet, Air condition, drinks served) to Santiago, Santo Domingo and other cities. The fare to Santo Domingo is 350 RD $.


covering medicine doctors, medicines, hospital charges in the Dominican republic are to be policed in the country. The monthly charge for a family, 2 children – is about 3300 RD $ (66 USD).

Medical doctors dentists clinics

An outstanding amount of high qualified medical doctors available day and night. In Sosua you find several dentists, there is also a German and English speaking doctor. With three clinics, Sosua covers the requirements. For medical services you pay cash immediately.

[g5plus_space desktop=”50″ tablet=”30″ tablet_portrait=”20″ mobile_landscape=”10″ mobile=”10″][g5plus_heading title=”COST OF LIVING”][g5plus_space desktop=”60″ tablet=”40″ tablet_portrait=”30″ mobile_landscape=”20″ mobile=”10″]

Following prices are just for orientation, average prices of several leading supermarkets.

European Bread500 gr3.00Marlboro Cigarettes1 Packet2.60
National Bread500 gr0.40Marlboro Cigarettes1 Packet2.00
Butter500 gr4.00Levis Jeans150.00
Milk1 Liter1.50No Name Jeans115.00
Eggs12 Stk3.00
Cheese domestic500 gr3.00Satellite-receiver12,000.00
Cheese imported500 gr6.00
Sugar1 kg1.50Gas Normal1 Gallon4.50
Coffee500 gr5.50Gas Super1 Gallon4.50
Flour1 kg2.60Diesel1 Gallon4.50
Rice1 kg1.00
Sirloin1 kg9.50Phone Call to Switzerland / Germany1 Min.0.90
Pork fillet1 kg6.60
Ham1 kg8.00
Poultry1 kg2.70Foundation of Company1,500.00
Salami1 kg12.00
Potatoes1 kg1.30
Tomatoes1 kg2.00Residency / Visa for 3 years1 2,000.00
Onions1 kg2.00
Pineapple1 Stk.0.70
Spaghetti1 kg1.50
Olive oil1 Liter10.00
Oil1 Liter2.00
Drinking water3,7 Liter1.00
Rum national0,7 Liter10.00
Beer0,3 Liter1.00
table wine0,7 Liter5.00
Coke1 Liter0.80

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