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Best real estate recruitment system

Posted by juan on July 14, 2020

Dominican real estate recruitment system


The mistake that many professionals fall into is that they focus on wanting to sell a property to the first person who asks them for information, without taking into account that a high percentage of prospects only come to browse.

As a real estate consultant you should avoid falling into circumstances like these, spending too much time with curious people and not with potential clients. Therefore, you should focus on creating a conversation with the prospects by asking intelligent and strategic questions to assess whether the prospect is really interested in buying the property or is only inquiring, thereby avoiding wasting valuable time, visits and attracting overvalued homes.

For your recruitment process to be solid it is important that you have a quality website and advertising, thus obtaining a continuous flow of customers, remember that if you want to sell you must first obtain qualified prospect forms, later you must establish a real estate acquisition process that generates sales every month from the first eight weeks of having started in the sector, this process consists of five phases:

  •  Customer visit to your website
  •  Completion of the form by the client
  •  Interested customers
  •  Filtering of potential customers
  •  Sale

This process should not last more than eight weeks with the same client, and should be uninterrupted, the percentages that we recommend you establish starting in the real estate sector are:

For every 100 visits to your website, have the goal of getting 20 forms, obtaining five potential clients, of which at least 1 will make you close one sale per month.

These percentages are not standardized, you can adapt them, the last factor to take into account is to obtain more visits from “qualified” clients.

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