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Are the beaches of the Dominican Republic private?

Posted by juan on July 28, 2020

Are the beaches of the Dominican Republic private?

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Currently I have come across this question a lot and the answer is, no, the beaches of the Dominican Republic should not be private according to “ article 15 of chapter IV“ in the book of the Dominican constitution the beaches, rivers and spas are of free access for all you as a tourist or Dominican citizen you have the right to enter any beach and you can demand such right therefore if you try to enter a beach and you are denied access show this text to the person who denies you access:

Book of the constitution of the Dominican Republic.

Capítulo IV 
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  • Article 14.- Natural resources. The non-renewable natural resources found in the territory and in the maritime spaces under national jurisdiction, genetic resources, biodiversity and the radio-electric spectrum are heritage of the Nation.


  • Article 15.- Water resources. Water constitutes a strategic national heritage for public use, inalienable, imprescriptible, unattachable and essential for life. Human consumption of water takes precedence over any other use. The State will promote the elaboration and implementation of effective policies for the protection of the Nation’s water resources. Paragraph. – The upper river basins and the endemic, native and migratory biodiversity areas are subject to special protection by the public powers to guarantee their management and preservation as fundamental assets of the Nation. The rivers, lakes, lagoons, beaches and national coasts belong to the public domain and are freely accessible, always respecting the right of private property. The law will regulate the conditions, forms and easements in which individuals will access the enjoyment or management of said areas.


  • Article 16.- Protected areas. Wildlife, the conservation units that make up the National System of Protected Areas and the ecosystems and species it contains, constitute patrimonial assets of the Nation and are inalienable, unattachable and imprescriptible. The limits of protected areas can only be reduced by law with the approval of two thirds of the votes of the members of the chambers of the National Congress.


  • Article 17.- Use of natural resources. Mining and hydrocarbon deposits and, in general, non-renewable natural resources, can only be exploited and exploited by individuals, under sustainable environmental criteria, by virtue of concessions, contracts, licenses, permits or quotas, under the conditions determined the law. Individuals can take advantage of renewable natural resources rationally with the conditions, obligations and limitations provided by law. In consecuense:
  1. The exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the national territory and in the maritime areas under national jurisdiction is declared of high public interest;
  2. The reforestation of the country, the conservation of forests and the renewal of forest resources are declared of national priority and of social interest;
  3. The preservation and rational use of the living and non-living resources of the national maritime areas, especially the set of banks and emersions within the national policy of maritime development, is declared a national priority;
  4. The benefits received by the State for the exploitation of natural resources will be dedicated to the development of the Nation and the provinces where they are located, in the proportion and conditions established by law.

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