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Real Estate Listing Digital Advertising

As a seller of real estate, you face a crucial challenge: How do I stand out from the crowd? 

We have the solution for you! Via Digital Marketing we promote your listing on the most important platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

What are the advantages for you? We can specifically target only those people who are relevant to your listing. People who have a certain amount of income. People who are actively searching for properties that match your listing. People who have viewed listings on other real estate sites that are similar to yours. People who are statistical twins of buyers who have already purchased a listing like yours.

To do this, we harness the platforms’ algorithms, using billions of data points. We know how potential buyers behave online, what they have looked at, what they are interested in and how close they are to a potential purchase. Through targeted retargeting, your listing will be displayed to potential customers until they buy or their behavior indicates that they are not interested.

Customers who use our Real Estate Listing Digital Advertising service sell their properties on average 13x faster than customers who have a normal listing with us.

Why should you purchase this service from us?

We have been in the Dominican Republic for over 25 years, work with Swiss reliability and know the real estate market on the north coast with the regions Cabarete, Sosua, Sabaneta, Puerto Plata like no one else.

Additionally, employees of ours have worked for companies like Google and Pinterest and know these companies from the inside. We have contacts in Dublin to the European headquarters of Google, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The staff is very familiar with digital advertising in the real estate sector and can use this knowledge combined to offer an offer that is unique in the Caribbean.

What can you expect if you use this offer?


For the advertising amount of 400 USD, you can expect to target 200 to 800 highly relevant potential buyers per month. Our clients typically sell this way after 3 months at the latest, although this can never be guaranteed. On average, clients with Real Estate Listing Digital Advertising sell 13x faster than clients without.


Contact us for a no obligation discussion about your options.

Under what conditions can this offer be used?

The basic requirement is that you have a listing with us.

Basically there are 2 types of costs that are incurred:

Costs for the platforms which have to be paid to Google, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Costs incurred by Palm Hills Caribe Real Estate for the creation and management of the campaign.

The minimum amount that should be invested monthly for the platforms is 400 USD. On average, clients invest 600 USD per month.

The cost of management is 15% of the amount for the platforms, with a minimum of 150 USD monthly.

The total amount is therefore at least 550 USD per month.


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