Luxurious villas with sea view and tax free benefits, near Puerto Plata airport

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Property ID

10,764 SqFt

Land area

1,000 m2

Land area






These homes are totally flexible in floor plan layouts and “expandable” like a modern “Lego system”. We offer these excellent homes with a lot of 1,000 square meters, private pool and double car port.

  • Model 1: Single Floor-306 sq. mt. Living Area
    $295,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port
  • Model 2: Single Floor-382 sq. mt. Living Area
    $385,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port
  • Model 3: Two Floor-530 sq. mt. Living Area
    $530,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port
  • Model 4: Two Floor-378 sq. mt. Living Area
    $379,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port
  • Model 5: Two Floor-378 sq. mt. Living Area
    $379,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port
  • Model 6: Two Floor-378 sq. mt. Living Area
    $449,000 incl. 1,000 sq. mt. lot, private pool and double car port plus roof terrace Gazebo
The Villas feature the following attributes.
  • Sustainable
  • Wind resistant up to 250 mph
  • Earthquake resistant up to 7 G
  • Fire resistant up to 2 hours
  • Water resistant to flooding
  • Resistant to mold and fungal attack
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Solar powered
  • Based on German concrete construction and engineering
  • 30 years warranty on the building structure

Absolutely high quality Interior design furniture packages are available on request.

Why should you reside in this excellent ocean view community? What measurable benefits would you receive by living and working in this viable, secure & prestigious ocean view – TAX EXEMPT – Real Estate Community?

Developed at the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, in the ocean front city of Puerto Plata and designed with Feng Shui energy flow to promote health, happiness, and abundance in your life.
Executive Villas are now being prepared for immediate acquisition including our benefits such as tax free residence in the Dominican Republic all for very affordable prices with up to 75% bank financing subject to your good credit score in your home country.
​​Your investment and villa acquisition in PHASE 1 of the Villas Community includes these additional benefits:
  • Offering entrepreneurs and companies from across the world 30 years tax free status.
  • Ocean / Mountain view Villas of 306 up to 530 square meters with a lot of 1,000 square meters.
  • Each ocean/mountain view villa offering exceptional privacy and 24/7 security.
  • Immigration to the Dominican Republic with full residence permit for you and your family included.
  • No matter if you chose the Dominican Republic as your tax-free business hub or your retirement spot, our experienced legal team will arrange all legal paperwork for you and your family members.
  • No Limits on Non-Regulated Cryptocurrency for Offshore Trading from the Villas Community.
In the Dominican Republic, status of cryptocurrency was determined in the official explanation of the Central Bank of June 28, 2017. It states that the only legal means of payment in the country was and will be the national currency, and legalization of cryptocurrency will not be carried out. Citizens can carry out all transactions at their own risk, but they are not prohibited.
In other words, from the Villas project, all our clients can deal in Cryptocurrency across the world, because we are NOT dealing with any clients within the Dominican Republic.
We offer up to 75% bank financing subject to your good credit score in your home country. 
In addition, we can structure your villa acquisition to be a 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CORPORATE EXPENSE!
A major Signature golf course at Playa Dorado is only 5 km away, which offers an attractive diversity to players and the annual membership is included for the first year.

Taxation in the Dominican Republic


​Dominican tax law is primarily territorial. In principle, the Dominican Republic only collects taxes on income from Dominican sources. Thus, on the one hand, all income derived from work or business activities in the Dominican Republic is taxable, no matter if the person is Dominican, a resident or nonresident foreigner, a Dominican business entity or a foreign company with or without a branch office in the country. On the other hand, income derived from work done outside of the Dominican Republic is not taxable, even if received by Dominican nationals or companies, foreign individuals residing in the Dominican Republic or foreign companies with branches in the country.

Pensions and social security benefits are expressly exempted, as well as income received by investors who became residents under the special provisions of Law 171-07.

Dominican Republic Tax Haven and Second Passports

Although the Dominican Republic is not typically regarded as a tax haven, that is actually one of its attractions. Unlike traditional offshore centres, it has not been under pressure from the likes of the OECD, the G20 and the Trump administration. The Dominican Republic has a territorial tax system much like Panama’s, meaning that you can live there and enjoy the beaches tax free, provided your income comes from outside the country. It’s also known as one of the more liberal places for those seeking a second passport or citizenship.
​​Three Good Reasons to Consider the Dominican Republic for Second Passports and Offshore Investing
​The more you learn about the Dominican Republic, the more you will like it and see potential. Learning more was our original purpose in studying its national history. Right now the country has three things about it that would be particularly appealing to our members:
​Tax Haven – Dominican Republic has a territorial tax system, meaning that if you live there, you would only be subject to pay taxes if you had local income. You can earn what you like outside the country and you don’t even have to declare it, yet alone pay any taxes. This applies to both individuals and companies.
Second Passports – Dominican Republic is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to granting citizenship through naturalization. After two years of residence, you can ask for a passport. As long as you haven’t done anything to upset the President, he will sign a decree making you a citizen. Absences of up to one year at a time don’t affect your residency status. This liberal naturalization law dates back to 1948, and there is much talk of it changing soon. Dual citizenship is allowed.
Livability – Dominican Republic is a good place to live. First of all, it’s affordable. The tax exemption you get in the Bahamas by buying a half-million-dollar property you get almost for free here. The capital, Santo Domingo, is a modern cosmopolitan city with a beautiful colonial heart. The Spanish colonized it, then the Americans were mainly responsible for the development of the city. The country’s second city Santiago, and the beautiful north coast including the city of Puerto Plata, were only joined by decent roads built by the Americans in the 1920s. Before that, the north was almost a separate country – trading more with the British and Germans. Today there is a substantial American, Canadian, British and German, population up there, and parts where French and Italian are frequently spoken. So there’s really something for everybody.
Dominican Republic has not been high on the traditional lists of places to retire to, that are hyped on the internet. This might be a good thing. Real estate is good value, it’s relatively easy to immigrate and obtain citizenship, and the business environment is nearly as favorable as the climate!
Reserve your TAX FREE residence today and enjoy our secure & prestigious ocean view, Real Estate Community in  Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.


Address: Puerto Plata
  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Province / State: Puerto Plata
  • City / Town: Puerto Plata
Open on Google Maps
  • Property ID B-58618
  • Price $330,000
  • Property Type Building Propositions, Villas
  • Property status Financing available
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3
  • Size 3,294 SqFt
  • Size 306 m2
  • Land area 10,764 SqFt
  • Land area 1,000 m2
  • Label New, Special!

File Attachments

1-Single-Floor-306-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-incl.-1000-sq.-mt.-lot-1.pdf Download
2-Single-Floor-382-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-incl.-1000-sq.-mt.-lot.pdf Download
3-Two-Floor-530-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-incl.-1000-sq.-mt.-lot.pdf Download
4-Two-Floor-378-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-incl.-1000-sq.-mt.-lot.pdf Download
5-Two-Floor-378-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-incl.-1000-sq.-mt.-lot.pdf Download
6-Two-Floor-SHOW-HOME-378-sq.-mt.-Living-Area-plus-Roof-Terrace.pdf Download

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