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Children grow, decoration changes: 2 important keys to decorate a children’s room.

Children grow, decoration changes: 2 important keys to decorate a children’s room.

Equipping the kids’ rooms in such a way that they impel them in their evolution and learning without losing sight of the safety and well-being of our ‘crazy little ones’ (as Serrat calls them in a song) is quite a challenge.

I consider that there are two key factors since we considered how our baby’s room will be and that it can also serve as motivation to make small changes if our son is already a few years old. It is never too late to improve the spaces we already have …

On the one hand, there is the fact of choosing furniture based on the need for space and storage that having children in the home usually brings. Opt for those pieces that keep drawers and a place to put objects (toys and books, for sure)

On the other is decorating children’s rooms. Normally we decorate these rooms to our liking, we must admit it. And according to our point of view. Error! Why place precious prints and illustrations that we think you will like if you are not going to be able to see them because they are too high for them? And the cabinets? It is impossible for them to reach the bar where their dresses or jackets hang. If, for example, we place the dressing area at the height of our children, we can promote their autonomy in such a basic aspect as dressing or choosing the clothes they want to wear. Another case is that of mirrors, which are also totally out of your viewing angle and are objects that can greatly help their development.

But it is very important that you consider their growth and the adaptation of these spaces and reuse of furniture and decorative elements … if you think that they will always be babies, we are bad in many ways. It is best to be aware that this stage passes quickly and that the crib will have to make room for a bed, that the bathtub and the changing table give way to a dresser or even transform.

There are already many children’s furniture that adapt to the stages of our children, so we optimize this investment to the maximum.

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